Free Swim – Meal For One

Introducing >>> Free Swim

Free Swim’s Meal For One is a brilliant track of catchy indie insouciance, scalpel sharp lyrical minutiae, and overall inventive quirkiness that is rapidly becoming their trademark.

This time the focus of their attention is on TV dinners and a long overdue homage to that British institution, actor Ian McShane…it is the sort of thing a vintage Morrissey might have produced if he hadn’t been from Manchester and had got a sense of humour…

Start another boxset, I get to know the characters
Better than my family, the acting is incredible
I just finished Breaking Bad and now I’m onto Deadwood
Ian McShane is someone we should all be proud of

Meal For One
It’s untold fun

It comes from their forthcoming EP titled Well Done Everyone. Check out our other Free Swim posts here.


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