New Crooked Brothers EP

The Crooked Brothers - Postcard EP

The Crooked Brothers will always have a special place in the MM shoal with their track of resigned down-on-their-luck tale failure Working For The Government. It has become one of those perennial family sing-a-long favourites that soundtrack holidays and long car journeys in a way that is destined to make it one of those fondly shared family memories in years to come.

So we are excited to discover the release of a new three track EP titled Postcards, and even more excited to discover they will be playing a couple of shows at the Great Escape festival next month. Banjos, mandolins, dobro, guitar and harmonicas all take turns being juggled from brother to brother while they ring scraps of railway iron like bells, whistle through their teeth, and sing and shout.

Listen to the unhurried, timeless Americana of lead track There Ain’t No One below. Order the EP from Bandcamp here.


And here is that family favourite too…


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