o’death To Release Out Of Hands We Go

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Alternative, Americana, Country, Gothic, Indie, Music, Rock

o'death To Release Out Of Hands We Go

The marvellous o’death are back with a new album of fiery, gothic-tinged folk and bluegrass that is as authentic as the Appalachians from which they could be hewn.

Having been away for a couple of years, Out Of Hands We Go brings a wonderfully refreshing contrast to the plethora of faux traditionalists that have sprung up like weeds in their absence. This is intense, spine-tingling stuff, adventurous and bold, that retains at its heart stories of a more personal nature than we’ve ever been exposed to before.

The album is released on Northern Spy Records on the 7th October – you can pre-order it here. Until then, check out the wonderfully unsettling funereal stomp of Wrong Time.

  1. […] There should be something inherently wrong about an Appalachian folk revival band coming from Brooklyn. It should reek of the same preciousness so prevalent in that borough, with its artisanal everything and chronic gentrification. But, for some strange reason, O’Death doesn’t seem like any of this. The Brooklyn barnstormers make really good music, and it turns out that good music is a pretty solid trump card. I first became acquainted with the band when they released Outside in 2011, and listened to that album fairly relentlessly for a couple of months. As is wont to happen with the overwhelming accessibility of the internet age, I forgot about Outside until the band awoke from hibernation to announce their latest record, Out of Hands We Go. […]

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