Video: Christian Lee Hutson – Ghost To Coast

Christian Lee Hutson, 24-year-old Nashville-via-Los Angeles singer-songwriter rooted in country tradition and vibrating with youthful energy (think a drunk and sedentary George Jones being channeled through a drunk and animated Conor Oberst), is spending the summer on tour in support of his forthcoming sophomore album Yeah Okay, I Know.

The album is being released digitally in installments throughout the year with one new song and video revealed per month, culminating in a physical release at the end of the year on vinyl and CD formats.

Ghost To Coast is Hutson’s most recent offering, and the video features a preponderance of blow-up pools, fish tanks, confetti-filled dance floors, vigorous paddle-based competition and a snuggly pit bull. The song manages to perfectly capture Hutson’s tendency to be the death of the party…



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