Best of the Year – Dr Roddy’s Top Ten

Dr Roddy's Top Ten 2014

As always we round off our best of the year posts with the individual contributions starting with the newly manacled wed Dr Roddy and his personal top ten of 2014.

…This year has seemed to fly by, I got married, we had a little boy and we are now in the middle of building works involving having our roof off in mid-winter. So it has been a hectic time. Thank heavens I have music to help me through and give me markers to help plot the time line of the past year.

These are the ten tunes that are constant in that time line.

10. Alt-J – Left hand Free
This tune has such a swagger about it. I think that it may actually be too cool for someone like me to listen to, but hell I just love it and it’s roundabout way of offering to kill the husband of a woman you fancy. It is the musical equivalent of a southern drawl.


9. Mac Demarco – Brother
There is such a carefree feel to this song and so there should be with it’s simple message of “what the hell are we all doing in this hamster wheel running all day and getting nowhere“. So we should just “go home and take it easy now brother”. I like this man’s thinking.


8. Sharon Van Etten – Every Time the Sun Comes Up
Sharon Van Etten has such a beautiful, pure voice, it sits perfectly alongside her sharp intelligent lyrics “I washed your dishes / but I shit in your bathroom “ I mean, argue with that! There are wonderful harmonies on the choruses, the tune is soft and calming, which removes the anger from the song.


7. Spookyland – The Silly Fucking Thing
I didn’t like this song at first listen, or second for that matter, it took some getting this tune, but when I did oh my God I was relentless with it. At first it sounds like nothing particularly new and I don’t argue that Marcus Gordon’s voice could be divisive, but invest some time in it and you will reap the rewards of a beautiful crafted lament to love.


6. Dan Amor – Sister Anne
This song paints a picture of England that you may find on the lid of a chocolate box. It’s only a cricket match away from caricature. I bathe in that kind of dream. The melody has a haunting nostalgia about it echoing sounds from the 60s back at you.


5. Mark Erelli – Ice Fishing
I love the inevitability in the lyrics of this song everything seems to be history repeating itself. Lyrics are a strong influence with me, but it’s the tune picked out on the banjo and the great harmonica work that are the real stars of the show here.


4. Dust From 1000 Yrs – Smoke Em Up
I got a pack of smokes today / something to do whilst I waste my life away”, that is the way you open a song, with a nihilistic, going nowhere delivery. Despite the melancholic arrangement of the song he seems excited by this treat. That is the reason I love this song – I mean how perfectly hopeless.


3, Sleaford Mods – Tied Up In Nottz
What can I say about this band – they have been a revelation to me this year, they just seem to tick all the boxes. Sharp, witty, intricate lyrics all delivered with passion and a suitable amount of venom. Driven, but not overshadowed by simple yet perfect beats that are as relentless as Jason Williamson’s quest to point out the contrived bellends in our society. Someone’s got to….


2. Horse Thief – Little Dust
This simple yet vast song is dripping with anthemic intent, and it reaches those heady heights effortlessly. This blissed out piece of genius is best enjoyed towards the end of the night with a couple of bottles of wine behind you and perhaps a touch of melancholy in the air.


1. Royal Blood – Little monster
These boys seem to have taken the world by storm and rightly so. This blistering piece of rock is without doubt the best thing I have heard this year. It is aggressive and hard hitting with a hook that could make the dead rock. All of that out of a bass guitar… We have to mention Ben Thatcher’s super tight drumming here – it’s a big ask to be a drummer in a two piece, there is nowhere to hide and he provides a beat badass enough to cope with that monster riff.


And the best song I first heard this year, but not from this year:

Future Of The Left – Manchasm
A wonderfully surreal offering from the best thing to come out of Wales since Bara Brith.


Gig of the year:

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip
Myself and Chris T Popper went to see Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip, not for the first time I add. I was blown away by the energy and freshness that exudes from every show. These guys just get better (no pun intended).

Guilty Pleasure:

Meghan Trainor – All About The Bass
Sometimes I don’t know what is wrong with me. It’s like there is a 14 year old girl trapped in me (not like Joseph Fritzel) but I’ll tell you now I am all about that bass…..

Best song name (Usually best band name):
Melvins with….. Piss Pisstopherson. Genius!

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