Debut EP From Daddy Issues

Debut EP From Daddy Issues

Surf influenced garage rock four-piece Daddy Issues (but not the same Daddy Issues we posted about late last year!) have just released their debut EP Double Loser.

Confused? Don’t be!

The EP opens with Sex On The Beach with its fabulous harmonies and thumping percussion, and then swerves into a risqué love song of sorts with the infectious and irrepressible So Hard (love the fact they’ve added the tag “boner” to the soundcloud stream). Let’s Go To The Mall wraps a moody, fuck you tantrum in a contradictory tangle of twangy guitars and sweetly sung choruses, before finally finishing up with the slow, honeyed pop swirl of Lethal Dose.

In eleven short minutes Daddy Issues will charm your socks off, and then gleefully run off with them.

Order the limited edition cassette from Bandcamp here.





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