Stephanie Nilles – Uncle Stephanie’s Murder Ballads

Stephanie Nilles - Uncle Stephanie's Murder Ballads

Jazz / punk / barrelhouse musician Stephanie Nilles will release her fifth full-length album, Uncle Stephanie’s Murder Ballads digitally via Attention Spaniel Records on July 31st with a physical autumn release (date TBD) via Tradition & Moderne.

Uncle Stephanie’s Murder Ballads blends original songs with covers of artists such as Jelly Roll Morton (The Murder Ballad) and (Laf Nag). It is an album built on the dark humor and musicianship of the traditional murder ballad’s form, but driven by Nilles hard-hitting social commentary on topics including police brutality, immigration policy, cyber-terrorism and war.

Prior to the albums release, the single, Open Season, is available for free download via Bandcamp. The song takes place in the courtroom of 2012’s Trayvon Martin shooting case and is a critical assessment of gun policies and race in the United States.

It’s open season on old black joe
And open season on the poor
While death sits cleaning his revolver
On the steps outside my door


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