Elyse Weinberg – Greasepaint Smile

Elyse Weinberg - Greasepaint Smile

We’re loving this track, City Of The Angels from Elyse Weinberg’s previously unreleased 1969 album Greasepaint Smile.

It was the planned follow up to her well received debut Elyse, but due to financial difficulties at the label it never saw the light of day and as the 1960s were closing their doors, the bright lights began to dim and she quietly walked away. Informed by her astrological study and an awakened spiritual urge, Weinberg left the phony grin she sang about in Greasepaint Smile behind her and, with that, the music business.

She moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and then rural Oregon, where she lives today. Weinberg changed not only her residence, but also her name. Based on her beliefs in numerology, where numbers represent letters and each number represents an energy value, she reinvented herself as Cori Bishop. She kept making music quietly through the 1990s, and in 2001 approved a reissue of her debut, Elyse, on Orange Twin Records. The reboot included two songs from Greasepaint Smile: Houses and What You Call It.

Finally, after more than forty years, the Numero Group are issuing the album and presenting the songs in their original context for the first time. Weinberg’s finger-picked acoustic is layered over distant drumming, while her gravel-pit voice evokes life, love, and mortality.

Have a  listen.


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