Introducing >>> The Tailbreakers

Introducing >>> The Tailbreakers

Still riding the sonic wave of the electric 60s, four-piece band The Tailbreakers formed in 2014 in Toronto.

With a mission to deliver to their audience the pioneering sounds of underground rock and roll, garage-beat and psychedelia, their self-titled album is just out and recalls the vintage days of analog, live-off-the-floor recording techniques and reintroduces the listener to familiar tape hiss, slap-back echoes and reel to reel’s warm, all-natural compression.

Take on the mesmeric, slightly stoned groove of Electric Monkey below, and buy one of the limited run of 100 cassettes or a digital download via Bandcamp here.


2 thoughts on “Introducing >>> The Tailbreakers

  1. oooh, great find! ordering a cassette now. Haven’t found a new TO band to love in a long while.
    best wishes from upstate NY.

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