Nickel In The Jukebox

Our eighth collection of ten tunes for the virtual jukebox – give them a spin and decide hit… or miss.


Passport To Stockholm – Let Me Know  [RIYL: Indie-folk, Lanterns on the Lake, Loch Lomond]


Ripper – On The Curb  [RIYL: Punk, Germs, Dead Kennedys]


Trotting Bear – Hesitate  [RIYL: Folk, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine]


Bad Sounds – Avalanche  [RIYL: Indie-pop, Hot Chip, The Virgins]


Estrons – Make A Man  [RIYL: Indie-punk, Blood Red Shoes, The Kills]


The Goldhearts – Here’s The Thing  [RIYL: Alternative rock, The Breeders, Veruca Salt]


B/U/B/B – Hate Culture  [RIYL: Noise-rock, The Melvins, Queens of the Stoneage]


Plant Tribe – Croakin’  [RIYL: Acid rock, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead]


Go Deep – Designated  [RIYL: Hardcore stomp, Beastie Boys, Senser]


Daisy Chains – Bye Babe  [RIYL: Indie-pop, Best Coast, Colleen Green]


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