The Cave Singers Are Back, MM Rejoices

Return of the Cave Singers

As well as the anticipation, there is always a slight sense of trepidation when an artist or band that you have a particular affinity with releases something new. More than anything you want that special sense of rapport and harmony that you feel to be prolonged and enhanced, and not to be spoiled – for your personal love affair with said artist’s music to continue.

So this is how it was for us when we got to hear That’s Why, the first track to be shared from The Cave Singers forthcoming album, their fifth, titled Banshee (out on February 19th).

The Cave Singers are a band we’ve loved from the beginning, both theirs and ours, for it was them (and bands like them) that inspired us to start a music blog in the first place.

But enough of the love-in, what about the song?

The song? Oh the song is a fuzzed up Americana stomper of insistent, rolling brilliance, built on a instant-classic sounding, glam-rock style riff (the like of which this trio does better than just about anyone else) and anchored by the immediately recognisable vocals of singer Pete Quirk . It is wonderful. Just one play and our grin spread from gill to gill.

In the darkest of days it is the little things that can bring the joy…listen.


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