Ben de la Cour – Midnight In Havana

Ben de la Cour

After growing up in Brooklyn, Ben de la Cour set out to see the world as an amateur boxer, bartender, and agricultural worker. Then after a spell as a frontman in a London-based doom-metal band, he gave it up for the simplicity of the bare bones acoustic music he now creates.

We first came across him at the tail end of 2012 with his captivating, stripped back long player Ghost Light. On his new album Midnight in Havana, he tells tales of substance abuse, murder, and mental illness, which sit in perfect juxtaposition with the occasional lighthearted glimmer of hope. In the end though, darkness almost always wins… an unlikely hero, but one that suits de la Cour perfectly.

Listen to a couple of tracks below – album opener Mobile Bay and first single, the haunting Down to the Water’s Edge, described by de la Cour as a “creepshow manifesto” in which the narrator obsesses over his unknowing victim, and demonstrates his affection for David Lynch and the film-noir genre.



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