Bosco Rogers – Beach Beach Beach

Back in November 2014 we described French-Anglo duo Bosco Rogers as “laid back, catchy-as-hell, sun-tinged psych-pop of the very best kind“.

We’re pleased to say they more than live up to that early promise with their new single Beach Beach Beach, taken from new album Post Exotic.

The album is a kaleidoscopic collection of flower punk and joyous psychedelia. It is surf-pop made by urban-dwelling land lubbers, garage rock dragged out into the sunlight. It’s the sound of San Francisco in 1967 and Wigan Casino in 1977. It is LA’s Paisley Underground in 1987, the desert rocking Joshua Tree in 1997 and London in 2017.

Best of all in these dreary, rain-filled post Brexit days of gloom, the single is sun-drenched in tuneful, fun harmonies and droll narratives, all propelled by an undeniable joie de vivre.

We might be Europe’s homeless nation now, but at least we can still enjoy this…


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