RiP Jessi Zazu

We were big fans of the countrified punk of Those Darlins and they graced the virtual pages of MM on many an occasion.

So, we were very sad to hear of the passing of singer Jessi Zazu on Tuesday at just 28 years old, after a long struggle with cervical cancer.

Those Darlins’ first EP Wild One was released in 2008 followed by their self-titled debut LP the following year. They went onto record two more albums, Screws Get Loose (2011) and Blur The Line (2013), along with several EPs and singles. The band’s music spanned many genres, often sounding on early recordings like a punk rock version of the Carter Family.

As the band’s drummer and close friend Linwood Regensburg eloquently says…

Shout-out to your contagious spirit that inspired all who crossed it. Shout-out to the creative dynamo who continued to flourish even against insurmountable odds. Shout-out to all the little triumphs over the last 16 months. Shout-out to the ridiculous van rides and the fights and to the fact that we never turned our backs on one another over the last decade. Shout-out to the dreams we made and the ones left to come. And shout-out to all of you who have supported her until the end.






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