Introducing >>> Waterfools

Last Saturday Mrs M and I were happy guests at the wedding of our lovely friend Carrie to equally lovely Carl. In a beautiful festival like setting, there was music throughout the day – happily it wasn’t your usual wedding fare that’s for sure as evidenced by Carl’s own excellent set of hypnotically instrumental psych rock that was like Spacemen 3 jamming with Hawkwind.

The last band of the evening were Waterfools, a trio from Oxford that play an excellent mix of grungey indie rock that draws as much from Iggy & the Stooges proto-punk as it does from the Strokes.

So, as they said when they kicked off, “we’re not a wedding band” and nor were they, although they were just right for this occasion. There was nothing derivative and the set was delivered with just the right amount of brash confidence, youthful swagger and sprinkled through with some top notch tunes. Our favourite, by a nose, was their “brand new” song that we didn’t catch the title off but was a brilliant combination of stop-start blistering guitars and thumping percussion, but there were gems throughout and it was a brilliant way to end a great day.

Here are three more of our favourites to listen to and you can check out their Bandcamp page here.




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