Catholic Action – People Don’t Protest Enough

It seems as we are just about to send our country spiralling down a plughole of lies, bile and stupidity, in which case as we do so, let’s raise a cheer for Catholic Action and their new single People Don’t Protest Enough.

Where previous single One Of Us took aim at the billionaire-owned media and their Bullingdon Club ilk, this new track is a call to organise, as lead singer and guitarist Chris McCrory outlines; “This is Casiotone for the politically marginalised. This is Krautrock for a progressive, positive future. And most importantly, this is a timely reminder that there are more of us than there are of them. People need to organise. Put down your phone, take your fingers out of your genitals and get on the streets – It really works. People Don’t Protest Enough.

Have a listen. Each guitar stab sounds like a pointing finger.


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