Black Lips – Rumbler

Just picked this up off our Soundcloud feed (which is pretty crappy nowadays so God knows what they’ve done to it).

Anyway, stalwart Atlanta based underground garage rockers Black Lips will release new album Sing… in a World that’s Falling Apart via Fire Records at the end of this week.

We’re told the twelve-song collection marks the quintet’s most pronounced dalliance with country music yet, with a clang and harmony that is unmistakably the inimitable sound and feel of the Black Lips, and that is certainly true of the latest track to be shared from it – Rumbler.

Jared Swiller says “this is a song I wrote about a G.I. Joe doll, code-named Rumbler, that I am almost certain is based on my great uncle and war hero Bobby Earl Swilley. The cadence of the song is kind of based on a bear hunting poem that my granddaddy, Bobby Earl’s brother, used to recite to me. This is an ode to my elders.

Listen below. Order the album here.



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