Spiteful Bum – Jot Down The Dope

A long time ago West Virginian Jason Ward was a favourite on MM, particularly of Mrs M as one of his songs, the acerbic Bless You was a perfectly timed tune for a somewhat tricky period. Anyway, he has returned under the moniker of Spiteful Bum with a new album of lo-fi garage pop which he describes as “singing about our lives, your lives, depression, love, lust, anger and even houseplants.

It is well worth some ear-time. Check out a couple of tracks from it below, including Wilt For Your Life which includes the aforesaid houseplants.

So I torture that plant in the corner
Give it just a little bit of water
It’d probably best to let it die
than to half-heartedly keep it alive
I know wholeheartedly it won’t survive.

You can order the album from Bandcamp here.



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