Try Some ‘Downer Pop’ from Heads are Heavy

After nearly a decade apart, ex Pity Party members, and long standing partners in musical crime Julie Edwards (aka ‘Heisenflei’) and Marc Smollin (aka “M”) have reunited under the moniker Heads are Heavy – returning with a mysterious video for an equally uncanny song, That Sounds Okay.

Shot in Puglia, Italy, the dreamlike, dystopian scenes of fields ablaze, abandoned homes, and industrial devastation provide a perfect backdrop for the song’s dense soundscape – all lumbering lo-fi drums, swirling electronics, reluctant handclaps, and distorted, detached male/female vocals clearly numbed by modern life.

It doesn’t appear to herald news of an album, rather cryptically the band just say they will be releasing music sporadically in the coming months.

Watch / stream it here.



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