Mossy Kilcher – Coyote’s Cry

Mossy Kilcher’s 1977 Private Press Double-LP Northwind Calling will get a digital re-release on the 10th July via Tompkins Square.

Originally recorded for family and friends, the record is a love letter to the land outside Homer in Alaska, where her family lived as pioneers beginning in the late 1930’s and where she still resides to this day.

It is a gorgeous folk record. The gentle accompaniment of 12 and 6-string guitar, harmonica, banjo, flute and piano combined with her reedy woodwind of a voice is full of feeling and untainted by the era’s commercial singer-songwriter machinery or conventions. A tinge of unintended psychedelia and natural sound effects take it all over the top.

Listen to the wonderful Coyote’s Cry.


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