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Baxter Dury – Slumlord

Posted: November 26, 2019 in Alternative, Disco, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

Slumlord is the brilliant first taste from Baxter Dury’s new album The Night Chancers, which will see a release in March next year.

As one of the UK’s most interesting songwriters, he once again inhabits the song like a second skin, waxing lyrical in a literate and sharply observed way that very few can even hope to emulate let alone match. It is a tale of the unpleasant, the tainted and the grotesque whilst still retaining a sense of something despairingly romantic about it. It is the musical equivalent of a bare lightbulb swinging in a dingy bedsit, casting sickly light on things you might not want to see, and then suddenly illuminating something that might break your heart.

Musically there are echoes of The Clash, of Straight to Hell perhaps, and some Nile Rodgers style funk that just settles into a groove that quickly becomes irresistible.

Best thing he’s ever done as far as we’re concerned and Slumlord has some tough competition.

Great video too.


Baxter Dury – Miami

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

Baxter Dury has announced details of his new album Prince of Tears, to be released on 27th October via his new label Heavenly Recordings – available on vinyl, CD and digital download.

To coincide, he has shared the new video for Miami, the album’s opening track and portal into his hazy, anti-wonderland. We are guided by Miami himself; a foul-mouthed and cocksure character created by Dury, centred on the delusions that can come with heartbreak. ‘He thinks he’s got swagger, he thinks he’s someone, but he’s not’.

Watch it below.