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Be Gulls is the side project of Kyle Field and Lee Baggett from Little Wings.

After many years of cajoling from Mike at the wonderful PIAPTK label, they are (finally) releasing a six track album of Grateful Dead covers titled Dead Giveaway, in a very limited edition run.

Order it here. Listen to Mexicali Blues from the album below.


Neal Casal Covers The Grateful Dead for Record Store Day

Neal Casal has announced the release of a limited edition 7-inch single (via Royal Potato Family) for Record Store Day, featuring his rendition of The Grateful Dead’s Mountains of the Moon. The B-side is an instrumental acoustic guitar-based piece entitled Grimes’ Surf Story.

A passionate record collector and vinyl junkie himself, he has explained the reasons he chose to cover this song, “I love ‘Mountains Of The Moon’ for its baroque qualities, the very strange lyrics, and it’s just a great melody, plain and simple. There’s a fantastic line, ‘The earth will see you on through this time,’ that really connects with me. It’s also a one of a kind song for The Grateful Dead. It doesn’t resemble anything that came before or after it. The Dead usually had a few of a certain kind of song, but with ‘Mountains,’ there was only one.

Check it out. It’s good.

Watch the Grateful Dead performing the song at the Playboy Mansion in January 1969.