The Great Escape – Day 3

A final day building up the step count trudging between venues. This time choosing to start at a free all day gig at Bleach which was not an official GE event, and was nearly 3,000 steps away, but worth it all the same for Nots and Nap Eyes. The former, a blistering all-female foursome from Tennessee, peeled what paint was left from the walls and the … Continue reading The Great Escape – Day 3

The Great Escape – Day 1

I travelled down to sunny Brighton in the company of Test Match Special for a second visit to The Great Escape – sadly this time without the company of Chris T Popper, or anyone else for that matter. After parking in a dingy basement NCP, which could easily have been the setting for a murder in a gritty crime drama, I arrived at my (admittedly budget) hotel … Continue reading The Great Escape – Day 1

Thursday @ The Great Escape

A long drive, rain, a Prisoner Cell Block H style hotel room, discovering the camera was still at home… the initial omens for The Great Escape were not great. Thankfully first impressions can be deceptive as Brighton is a sparky town full of quirky shops and streets, trendy young things and youthful counter-culture swagger (“I smoked 35 bongs once” being my favourite bit of eavesdropping of … Continue reading Thursday @ The Great Escape