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The countdown of our Favourite 200 songs of the past 10 years has taken over everything over the last two weeks, so here is our (belated) round-up of some of the best new songs of the past 14 days.

  1. Parquet Courts – Mardi Gras Beads
  2. Protomartyr (featuring Kelley Deal) – Wheel Of Fortune
  3. Lumerians – Silver Trash
  4. The Plainviews – Bladerunner
  5. The Lovely Eggs – Big Sea
  6. LUMP – Late To The Flight
  7. Jess Williamson – Wild Rain
  8. Rayland Baxter – Casanova
  9. Damien Jurado – Percy Faith
  10. The Goon Sax – She Knows
  11. Beach House – Black Car
  12. Wand – Pure Romance
  13. Milo Greene – Move















  1. The Decemberists – Once In My Life
  2. The Black Lips & The Khan Family – Too Much In Love
  3. The Hold Steady – Eureka
  4. Flasher – Skim Milk
  5. Jess Williamson – I See The White
  6. Hinds – The Club
  7. Forth Wanderers – Nevermine
  8. Gang Of Four – Lucky
  9. Courtney Marie Andrews – I’ve Hurt Worse
  10. Half Waif – Torches
  11. Iron & Wine – Tomorrow On The Runway  (Innocence Mission cover)
  12. Neko Case – Hell-On















Austin singer-songwriter Jess Williamson is set to release her second album Heart Song on the 4th Nov via Brutal Honest, and she will also be touring Europe with long-standing MM fave Marissa Nadler.

We loved her debut Native State which was a cracked, earthy and revealing collection of slow, unhurried folksongs. Now we have White Bed to share with you from the new album, which, if anything, is even better.

Stream it below.


best of the weekCheck out our selection of the best of the new releases from this week.

New songs from Slaves, Wytches and a rocking’ cover of a Led Zeppelin classic from La Sera should blast the weekend cobwebs away while Hiss Golden Messenger, Jess Williamson and Moses Sumney offer up altogether more gentle and fragile fare.


  1. Slaves – Consume Or Be Consumed
  2. La Sera – Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin cover)
  3. Las Kellies – Make It Real
  4. Hiss Golden Messenger – Heart Like A Levee
  5. The Wytches – Crest Of Death
  6. Jess Williamson – See You In A Dream
  7. Moses Sumney – Lonely World
  8. The Wharves – The Strike








Easter Round Up

While we’ve started each weekend to pick out five (good) tracks that have been setting the internet ablaze during the week, there are still lots of tunes that are not getting the attention their quality deserves.

Here for a Sunday morning is a few that we’ve picked out…the spectral, desert folk of Jess Williamson, from the ashes of Abe Vigoda comes the new-wavey Roses, we have warped, wonky folk from General Sherman, the hypnotic punk of Greys, the slow blues drawl of Lonesome Shack, the haunting singer-songwriter Redvers, and the panicky, wired punk rock of The Man.

A pick ‘n’ mix! Enjoy.







Introducing >>> Jess Williamson

We featured Texas native songstress Jess Williamson nigh on eighteen months ago with her debut solo EP. Now she is gearing up for the release of her debut album Native State, which will be out on the 28th January via Brutal Honest.

We have two tracks for you to sample, the title track from the album and Blood Song. Both are beautifully poetic, resonant folk songs that have at their heart an underlying core of fierceness that heralds a significant new voice.

Dive in below or you can pre-order the album here.

A Few We Missed...

Here are a few tracks that we’d meant to post, but for some inexplicable reason (well, time mostly…) we never got round to putting up at the time when they were new. Yet running through the long list we keep of mp3s, streams and videos, these were all in the “should post” category. They go back a couple of months (for some of them anyway), but what the heck, we figured you might easily have missed one or two of these too.

The TV Buddhas, currently based in Germany, but originally from Tel Aviv, have been playing their own blend of alienation drenched garage-punk for the past five years. This is the title track from their Band In The Modern World EP.

Download The TV Buddhas – Band In The Modern World mp3 (from Band In The Modern World EP)

A while ago we received an e-mail from dusty Country rockers Ox about their outstanding album Tuco. Technical problems meant we lost the e-mail when we upgraded our computer, so we’re not sure which song we could have posted. It would have been the stunning Midnight On The Island if we’d had carte blanche to choose, but their cover of Neil Young’s Out On The Weekend seems to be the one up on Hype Machine. Marvellous.

Download Ox – Out On The Weekend mp3 (from Tuco)

Rural Ghosts were another band we had every good intention of posting about, but it was only when we saw Slowcoustic had posted about them recently that we were reminded. So definitely worth a repost of their sparse, eerie folk ballad Bright Side from their self-titled EP (available here). Check out Slowcoustic too – a great blog.

Download Rural Ghosts – Bright Side mp3 (from Rural Ghosts EP)

A few days ago The Leg released their album An Eagle To Saturn via Song By Toad Records (buy here). Taster track Bake Yourself Silly is everything you imagine it might be and more – unhinged and experimental in the very best way! Like they say about the song, “I can’t think of many more creepy lyrics, than “There are no stitches ’cause there was no operation”…”

Download The Leg – Bake Yourself Silly mp3 (from An Eagle To Saturn)

Payroll Union are an Americana/southern gothic band from Sheffield and have just released their second 6-track EP, Your Obedient Servant. This is Mary Lanson from the EP.


Indie Folker is about as clear a name as you could wish for in terms of knowing what kind of music you’ll be getting. Why? performed with new band The Wonder Fools is a prime example of their prowess in the, er, indie-folk arena!

Download Indie Folker & The Wonder Fools – Why? mp3 (from Why?)

Such Hounds are a Brooklyn band who caught our ears with this wistfully upbeat track of Americana tinged indie-folk from their self-titled EP. If you like it, you can get the whole thing for free from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Such Hounds – Drink The Moon mp3 (from Such Hounds EP)

Born With Stripes are an indie-rock two-piece now residing in Leeds and this sprightly number clocks in at little over 2 minutes, which is just enough time to convince you it’s summer time (despite the incessant rain!)

Download Born With Stripes – … You Stole The Laces From My Shoes mp3

Mostly No, Milk Maid’s second album released via FatCat on 9th July will follow within a year of last year’s debut record Yucca and finds the band expertly straddling the line between noise and pop whilst also expanding their sonic terrain. Adding swirls of psychedelia to the debut albums crafted fuzz, the home-recorded Mostly  No explores a trans-Atlantic sound that at times simultaneously recalls the grand traditions of Manchester indie and Californian acid rock but which also sits alongside contemporaries such as Ty Segall, White Fence, and The War on Drugs. Download the brilliant Do Right.


The Tiny Birds have made a double A-side digital single available for free download from their website here. Lead track, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger is a catchy, raucous slice of indie folk that is a real keeper. Available from their Bandcamp page.


Lastly, for now, we have Jess Williamson. She plays the banjo and sings, and the songs on her debut solo EP Medicine Wheel/Death Songs  are fleshed out with synthesizer, electric guitar, percussion, strings, and organ. The result is a minimal, dreamy, sparse, and feminine folk sound.