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Late December Catch Up

With all the festivities and end-of-year lists of our favourites, it has meant we have not been able to post a number of new tunes that also came out during the latter part of December. So with apologies for the relative lateness of many of these, we still wanted to catch up and give them a bit of love and airtime.

Led by the husky, sweet vocals of Cameron Matthews, Bear Ceuse is filled out by fanciful and dissonant guitar work, bass, and drums.  The band was recently discovered by U.K.-based label Medical Records, who will release their debut album, Don Domestique, on 26th February. Here is Entertain Me from it.

Download Bear Ceuse – Entertain Me mp3 (from Don Domestique)

Jack Hardman’s track Plymouth is an ethereal and wintery song, filled with warm harmonies and covered in spring reverb – folk music with a psychedelic tint.


New single, Long Forgotten Boy (out 4th March), is the first song written as part of the Night Works project – a sparse pop song with cold synth interludes, perfect for capturing that 4am feeling. It is taken from forthcoming album Urban Heat Island.


Industrial folk collective The Jar Family effortlessly capture the poignant romanticism of life in the North East of England. New single Broken Minded is out on 7th January on Jar Records.


The Pictish Trail also have a new single, The Handstand Crowd, released a couple of weeks ago on iTunes and as a 7″, with an album coming on the 21st January. The track is a wonderfully melodic musing about peer pressure and keeping the wrong company, you can listen here.


Staying in Scotland, No Flags Will Fly is the debut album from Glaswegian band Olympic Swimmers. The album was self-released on the band’s own label Green White Violet in June 2012. This is Fallen Trees.

Download Olympic Swimmers – Fallen Trees mp3 (from No Flags Will Fly)

Olgwi, native of Northern Sweden, releases a third single from the critically acclaimed album Individuation. Titled What I, it is a melancoholic, acoustic country/folk tune, a quest for hope during hard times, in a mild waltzing rhythm, with beautiful backing played by the Stockholm Strings.


Meanwhile, Black Books is altogether more epic – sun-soaked, atmospheric Southern Rock from Austin, Texas. This is White Noise from the Aquarena EP out 11th February on Believe Recordings –


Engine are a new band to us, with a folky, indie sound that is definitely worth exploring. Check out their Bandcamp page here.


Indie rock duo Josh & Mer have a sweet new single, Porcelain out now.


Darling Don’t Dance play rough garage-pop with elements of noise-rock. Replacement is the first single from their debut album City Ghosts.


The new single by Wayter is a double A-side, Team Spirit / Uruguay was recently released as a limited 7″ and download release on Naked Tree Recordings.


Los Angeles’ psych-pop outfit American Royalty has a new track Honey & Queen out that delivers a warm groove with a touch of Yeasayer / Little Dragon about it. From the trio’s upcoming EP, Prismatic, which is due out in February.


Fonda are shoegazey dream-poppers that drink the LA Kool-aid. At the forefront is the single Seeing Stars, which showcases the transcendental pop quality of the duo’s upcoming record, Sell Your Memories. You can give it a listen here:


Shipwreck is the debut single from Henry Green. It was released on December 17th, via Night Talk Records.


Beard Of Wolves have released the excellent track My Father Drives The Death Star as a free download, ahead of their first official single Wet Mouth being released through the Too Pure singles club on January 21st. A full EP and UK tour are then set to land this March.


Upon The North will be the next release from folkies Eliza And The Bear, it will be released on the 25th February and is part of a Double A Side release with The Southern Wild.


NOSE recently released a single on a pay-what-you-want basis called Cretin – a snarling, growling slice of bratty noise rock.


Lastly, for now, Will Miles released his debut double A side single Shallow Water / Angela, last month via new grassroots label Wildheart Records. Shallow Water is an Americana drenched foot stomper whilst Angela is altogether lonelier, mournful and melancholic with washes of pedal steel and harmonica.

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: March 2012. Here is our cherry picked selection of our favourite downloads from March for you, together with a few new tracks to create a perfect end-of-month mix. Enjoy.

Download Thee Exciters – Dinosaur Traffic mp3 (from Perpetual Happening)
Psychedelia meets proto-punk

Download The Lonesome Savages – All Outta Love mp3 (from All Outta Love 7″)
50s inflected rock’n’roll revamped and updated with elements of the current garage punk sound – oozes from the speakers in a way that is raw, primal and downright dangerous

Download Lera Lynn – Ring Of Fire mp3 (from Ring Of Fire EP)
Dark interpretation on an upbeat classic

Download Einar Lind – Brother Don’t Steal My Wife mp3 (from Introducing Einar Lind)
Perfect late-at-night soundtrack where you cannot sleep and settle in an armchair with a whiskey to wait out the darkness, while the house creaks and ticks amidst the silence around you

Roomrunner – Super Vague

Pulverising punk rock

Download The Stammer – Follow The Leader mp3 (from The Stammer EP)
A sinewy guitar lead and military percussion over which gloomy tones prevail, provides a two minute rush of monochrome tinged adrenalin

Download Justin Farren – Broken Shit mp3 (from Songs From Spare Rooms)
Comes across like a speed-fuelled Loudon Wainwright III duelling with Arol Guthrie

Download AU – Get Alive mp3 (from Both Lights)
Experimental indie-rock

Download Beast Make Bomb – It Snowed Last Night mp3 (from Skinny Legs)
Combines the distorted punk attitude of the late 1970s with some classic fuzzed out pop melodies to deliver a sweetly addictive tune

Download Violens – Der Microarc mp3 (from True)
Excellent slice of psych-pop

Download Mirel Wagner – The Road mp3 (from Mirel Wagner)
Another cheery tale of death, sparsely plucked and whispered, and coming across like a Strange Fruit for the modern day.

Download The Hussy – Stab Me mp3 (from Weed Seizure)
Like a flick-knife in a crowded flophouse, comes out of the darkness at you with a ferocity and a viciousness that is impossible to avoid and pointless to deflect

Download Dinosaur Feathers – Beatcha mp3 (from Whistle Tips)
Satisfyingly crunchy guitars with infectious groove and jangle

Download Josh & Mer – Mind Control mp3 (from Planet Music)
Unsettling and eerie electro-folk

Download Owsley BrothersHot Mess mp3 (from Cobalt)
Crackerjack of experimental blues and rock

Download Roadkill Ghost ChoirIn The Lion’s Mouth mp3 (from In The Lion’s Mouth)
Spacey, folk rock

Download Ancient Whales – Everyone mp3 (from Birthing EP)
Insistently catchy, full of memorable guitar riffs, splashes of woozy reverb and hits a sweet spot or two with the cool doubled up vocals

Download Nu Sensae – Gumbo mp3 (from Tea Swamp Park EP)
Scrappy, tribal punk

Download Burnt Ones – Meet The Golden One mp3 (from Meet The Golden One 7″)
High octane garage glam

Download Wye Oak – Pocahontas mp3 (from Daytrotter Session, Neil Young Cover)
Top notch cover of classic

Download Guy Capecelatro III – Switch mp3 (from North For The Winter)
Tale of a killer who meets a woman who proves to be his undoing – with added pedal steel and Hammond organ

Download Titus Andronicus – Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape With the Flood of Detritus (from split 7″ with Diarrhea Planet)
Typically raucous, literately sharp punk rock

Download Screaming Females – It All Means Nothing mp3 (from Ugly)
Suitably coruscating and pummeling cut from NJ punks

Download Orpheum Bell – Daddy’s Crying mp3 (from The Old Sister’s Home)
Intimate, waltzy vignette is another example of their elegant and organic sound

Download Chelle Rose – Browder Holler Boy mp3 (from Ghost of Browder Holler)
Ripe with mystery and passion, and sounds like it was plucked from the kudzu-scented air of her native Loudon County in East Tennessee

Download Johnny Bertram & The Bicycles – Miracle mp3 (from Neon City)
Steeped in indie-rock and Americana and filtered through a Deep South lens

Download Ty Segall & White Fence – I Am Not A Game mp3 (from Hair)
Twisty, insistent garage-psych with junkyard vocals

Download Tyburn Saints – Broken Bottles mp3 (from You And I In Heaven EP)
Dark and foreboding indie that feels almost cinematic in its purpose and delivery

Pontiak – Highest Echo

Vintage organic stoner rock

And to finish off we have a breezy new track of indie rock from Maps & Atlases new album, we have the frenetic bank robbing fantasy of Baby Baby’s Nothing To Lose and a welcome return from veteran catchy psych-rockers The Dandy Warhols. Finally, two tracks from Field Report’s much acclaimed and anticipated self-titled debut of fragile, heartfelt folk.

Download Maps & AtlasesFever mp3 (from Beware And Be Grateful)

Download The Dandy WarholsSad Vacation mp3 (from This Machine)

Download Field ReportFergus Falls mp3 (from Field Report)

Download Field ReportI Am Not Waiting Anymore mp3 (from Field Report)

Baby Baby – Nothing To Lose


Josh & Mer Unleash The Freaks... Josh & Mer (aka Josh Schroeder & Meredith Adelaide) featured in a couple of the End-of Year Top Tens we posted back in December and so we are pleased to be able to offer you up a new tune and video from them.

This is Mind Control, which has an altogether more unsettling and eerie vibe to it than we’ve previously been used to and the video is just as strange and off-kilter as you would hope. They seem to have taken a darker turn and embraced all that it brings wholeheartedly. It suits them very well.

Watch the video and grab the song below. You can also catch them at SxSW too.


Download Josh & Mer – Mind Control mp3 (from Planet Music)