Rounding Them Up Again

Time to round up a few more of the releases that have tickled our ears from the inbox and round the web. Ali Koehler has hitherto been best known as the drummer of the pop group Best Coast and the noisy girl punk trio Vivian Girls. After her departure from Best Coast, Koehler decided to step up from behind the kit to front a band … Continue reading Rounding Them Up Again

Introducing >>> Lola Colt

New six-piece, Lola Colt are an intriguing proposition – a fusion of influences that are as visual as they are aural – from the spaghetti westerns from where they take their name, vintage films and unusual Asian stage instruments picked up on their travels through to the Velvet Underground, shoegaze and even a splash of Morricone styled Americana. Debut single I Get High If You … Continue reading Introducing >>> Lola Colt