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Free Song By Toad Records 2013 Sampler

As with previous years Song By Toad Records have made a free eleven song sampler available on Bandcamp of some of the releases they have planned for 2013 (and a couple of late ones from 2012).

They include new signings Sparrow & The Workshop (see our post earlier today) and Adam Stafford as well as established favourites such as Meursault, Rob St. John, Lil Daggers and Plastic Animals.

You can get it for an e-mail address just by clicking here.

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: November 2011. Despite the end of the year fast approaching, thankfully the quality of new music shows no signs of slowing. Here are the best of our November offerings, together with some tasty new tracks to round off the mix.Over thirty great songs – just right for the roaring fire and the cocoa!

Download SiskiyouTwigs And Stones mp3 (from Keep Away The Dead)

Brilliantly judged restless blend of country rock, folk, and grand orchestral rock.

Download The Cloud Nothings – No Future / No Past mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Intense indie rock – their best yet?

Download The Morning Birds – Born To Be Alive mp3 (from Surrender To This EP)

Skips along on the back of a groove so funky that it sounds like it was kidnapped from a 1970s New York disco and dragged into the new Millennium.

Download A Place To Bury Strangers – So Far Away mp3 (from Onwards To The Wall EP)

This on the other hand is a storming slab of pulverising noisemongering!

Download D.B. Rouse – The Hungover Lowdown Beat Up Burnt Out Blues mp3 (from Repent EP)

Folk yes, but beautifully judged with poignancy and pathos, self-reflection, regrets and dreams.

Download New London Fire – The Dirt The Blood The Faith mp3 (from The Dirt The Blood The Faith)

Sumptuous folk-western that howls its defiance and stands righteous in its anger at injustices suffered.

Download Black Creek – The Mustang mp3 (from Ragged Shark)

Dirty country rock and barrelling bar-room boogie.

Download Wounded Lion – Roman Values mp3 (from IVXLCDM)

Two and a half minutes of insane garage punk that is driven along by a heavyweight riff, pulsating percussion and a classic shouted vocal.

Download The Whalers – Lighthouse mp3 (from Paddle Easy EP)

Hypnotic, surf-inspired indie rock.

Download Lissy Trullie – Madeleine mp3 (from Lissy Trullie)

Slow-burning indie with echoes of the Velvets, even a bit of shoegaze maybe, but all is anchored by a distorted groove and her brilliant voice.

Download The Great Lakes – Blood On My Tooth mp3

Country jam given a healthy injection of rockabilly rhythm.

Download Monument Valley – Dear John Letters mp3 (from Tongues EP)

Excellent slice of introspective, melancholia from new singer-songwriter.

Download Bear Driver – Never Never mp3

Woozy, four-minute slice of delicious fuzz-pop.

Download Sharon Van Etten – Serpents mp3 (from Tramp)

Stunning advance track from forthcoming new album.

Download Fairlamb – The Way It Goes mp3 (from People Change)

Waspish lyrics and gently strummed acoustics.

Download The Dodos – So Cold mp3 (Previously Unreleased)

More indie-folk par excellence.

Download Galaxy Sunrise – When Pigs Fly mp3 (from When Pigs Fly single)

Lovely excursion into hazy psych-pop.

Download The Boombox Hearts – Crank It Up mp3

Lo-fi melancholic folk from Denmark.

Download Electric Flowers – Circles mp3 (from Electric Circles EP)

A sonic epic. Nuff said.

Download The Quiet Americans – Be Alone mp3 (from Medicine EP)

Old fashioned, fuzzed-up rock’n’roll.

Download Joakim Fritzner – Thoughts On Us 23-3 mp3 (from It’s Not Me…)

Catchy, folkish strum and guaranteed earworm.

Download Wooden Wand – Winter In Kentucky mp3 (from Briarwood)

Masterful ramshackle countryish-rock.

Download The Dead Jerichos – Please Yourself mp3 (from Please Yourself EP)

Drenched, droney guitar lines and shattered fragments of disco, punk, and post hardcore rhythms.

Download The Royal Sea – This Summer mp3 (from The Royal Sea)

Surf-drums and sugar coated adrenalin rush – this should have been the woozy, feel good hit of the summer. Our pick of the month.

Download Pontiak – Lions Of Least mp3 (from Echo Ono)

Pulverising psych-rock.

Download Secret Colours – Faust mp3 (from EP3)

Channels the finest of the greats of late ’60s psychedelia, ’90s newgaze reverence, and a touch of driving, bucolic, no frills RnR straight from the greasiest of garages.

Download i am Love – Truest mp3 (from Truest 7″)

Rich, thoughtful folk with beautifully paced ebb and flow.

Download Rob St. John – Sargasso Sea mp3 (from Weald)

Simply stunning excursion into a shifting, twilight world that slowly builds on the back of a sparse, plucked guitar and almost spoken vocals into a swirling, epic peak of rhythmic guitars and cracked vocal harmonies.

And there’s more. To round off the mix we have a gorgeous new one from MM faves, the folky Bowerbirds who will release a new album in March on Dead Oceans, the first taste of individual bubblegum garage from Hunx (as in & His Punx) solo effort appropriately called Hairdresser Blues, the effortlessly sleazy Black Bananas (formerly RTX) and Rad Times from their forthcoming album Rad Times Xpress IV and lastly former Dawes member Alex Casnoff has a new band Harriet and a new EP Tell The Right Story. I Slept With All Your Mothers is the brilliantly named and gripping lead track.

As always…enjoy!

Download The Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In mp3 (from The Clearing)

Download Hunx – Always Forever mp3 (from Hairdresser Blues)

Download Harriet – I Slept With All Your Mothers mp3 (from Tell The Right Story EP)

Download Black Bananas – Rad Times mp3 (from Rad Times Xpress IV)

Rob St. John Releases Debut Album, Weald. Weald is the first LP by Rob St. John, released last week on gatefold 12” vinyl by Song, by Toad Records – we’ve posted about him before and it is great to see he has now got a full length album out.

Even better that he should have delivered a record of such outstanding quality that puts many of the so called bigger names in the alt-folk and singer songwriter arenas to shame. From the catchy, but fragile opener The Phantom Limb to the raw textures of The Acid Test and the spine tingling despair of Vanishing Points there isn’t a wasted note or moment on the whole record, and listening to it is a powerful and mesmerising experience.

And then there is the taster track Sargasso Sea – a simply stunning excursion into a shifting, twilight world that slowly builds on the back of a sparse, plucked guitar and almost spoken vocals into a swirling, epic peak of rhythmic guitars and cracked vocal harmonies – superb.

Apparently, The Sargasso Sea is a still, eerie region of the Western Atlantic Ocean, a dead eddy held by curling oceanic currents. If so, it now has the perfect soundtrack.

Buy the vinyl from Song By Toad here, or download via Amazon here.

Download Rob St. John – Sargasso Sea mp3 (from Weald)

We’ve posted about top notch Oxford based singer songwriter Rob St John before and he has been back in touch about a series of gigs that the Adventures Close To Home collective have been putting on. Our own poor organisation means we’ve already missed two, but tomorrow sees a bill that features David Thomas Broughton, Rob himself and the Braindead Collective.

It all takes place in the grand settings of the St. Columba’s United Reform Church with local, experimental creaks and drones in support…

For those who didn’t know (and we didn’t until recently) experimental folk artist David Thomas Broughton has just released a long-awaited new album, entitled Outbreeding, via London indie label Brainlove Records (May 23rd). Featuring eleven songs that will be familiar to his loyal and ever-growing live audiences, Outbreeding brings together compositions written over the last couple of years into a compelling new collection. We’re just becoming familiar with the new album and it is an absolute cracker!

Broughton is famous for his semi-improvised live show that baffles and beguiles; starting songs with beautiful refrains, he then engulfs them in feedback and noise, removing the layers one by one to reveal once again the beauty beneath. Elements of physical comedy and surreal interludes complicate things further.

All in all it sounds like a cracking bill and one that promises many rewards – tickets can be bought here.

You can find out more about Adventures Close To Home here.

Download David Thomas Broughton – Walking Over You mp3 (from The Complete Guide To Insufficiency)

Download Rob St. John – Tipping In mp3 (from Tipping In EP)

Download The Braindead Collective – Vortex Finale mp3 (from Smoke & Mirrors)

So ahead of our mammoth postings of end-of-year favourites: albums, tracks, covers, old songs heard for the first time in 2010 etc. etc. and posted by Mrs Mackerel, MM, Barry-Sean, Mr Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket et al here is a quick and dirty round-up of some of the new tunes, Christmas tunes, covers and other bits and pieces that have been doing the rounds.

Having already posted two covers yesterday by the Handsome Family and Gospel Claws, we’ll keep the theme going strong today. So enjoy Neon Indian and his cover of T-Rex’s classic glam rocker Children of the Revolution, folk singer Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s version of Arcade Fire’s Rebellion, Clare Maguire’s hauntingly beautiful and mesmerising version of Antony’s Hope There’s Someone, and the very hip Golden Filter take on Psychic TV’s disturbing 1983 seasonal offering White Nights.

We also have the lo-fi indie goodness of Summer Camp covering the 80s band The Waitresses, and some festive, fragile folk from Greater Pacific.

Download all below, but also take some time to check these out.

Ace oddball indie label the Jezus Factory have released this last minute charity single from Lil’ Lost Lou with all profits going to Shelter From The Storm (Reg Charity 1125575)

So please do dig deep and help someone get a bed and some food this Christmas by buying this single… It’s pretty easy to end up on your uppers, I’m not too far from it myself……….. also this is a damn fine song and if you don’t believe us have a listen! You can buy it here.


And lastly The Whites of our Eyes is the 7 minute long, improvised result of the first collaboration between Oxford / London kraut-jazz-drone experimentalists Braindead Collective (featuring members of Guillemots, The Epstein, Keyboard Choir and others), and the Scotland-via-Lancashire purveyor of lo-fi creaks and drones, Rob St.John.

Recorded on the coldest day of a freezing British winter in Oxford’s oldest church – St.Michael’s on Cornmarket St – by microphones strategically strewn from pews and rafters, it captures the sound of a band reshaping and remaking the song in response to each other’s improvisations. The result is a piece that teeters between a John Martyn or Smog-esq melody and the atonality and doomy drones of a Velvet Underground or Earth track.  Treading this line for 7 minutes, the song emerges refreshed on the repeated refrain of “You know I never came down from that tree”, backed by a chorus of voices echoing ever quieter into the icily empty church.

The single will be released on a pay-what-you-can basis, with all proceeds going to the homeless charity Shelter. Click here to download your copy.

Download Neon Indian – Children of the Revolution mp3 (T. Rex Cover)

Download Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Rebellion mp3 (Arcade Fire Cover)

Download Clare Maguire – Hope There’s Someone mp3 (Antony & The Johnsons Cover)

Download The Golden Filter – White Nights mp3 (Psychic TV Cover)

Download Summer Camp – Christmas Wrapping mp3 (Waitresses Cover)

Download Greater Pacific – Let It Snow mp3