The Shamefaced Sparrows – Music For The Thick

It is a pleasure to welcome back the twisted, noir-pop of the Shamefaced Sparrows. The marvellously titled Music For The Thick is a new song that channels the spirit of the Cramps through ominous death-march percussion, macabre lyrics and werewolf style howls. Imagine cruising a 50’s beach boardwalk unstoppably headed towards the end of the world, and accompanied by the Addams Family… Stream it here. … Continue reading The Shamefaced Sparrows – Music For The Thick

Mad Mackerel’s Best of the Month: October 2012

Our monthy round up of the best new tunes we’ve posted and a few brand new ones too. More than 30 tunes to set you up for the weekend. Enjoy. Wooden Wand – Southern Colorado Song Another brilliant example of our favourite, prolific troubadour’s storytelling prowess. a Download The Growl – With The Sharp End Of A Trowel mp3 (from Cleaver Lever EP) Soaked in the authentic … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best of the Month: October 2012

More “Deathpop” From The Shamefaced Sparrows

Back in February we gave a warm welcome to the brilliantly named Shamefaced Sparrows and their own particular brand of ‘deathpop’. After too big a gap, they have thankfully got back in touch to say “…and now that we have emerged from our makeshift den, built amid an unmapped, tree-ringed field, that time has come.,..mop your brow with relief, pour yourself a stiff iced-drink, have … Continue reading More “Deathpop” From The Shamefaced Sparrows

Introducing >>> The Shamefaced Sparrows

Like most music blogs we get a lot of music submissions. Sifting through them becomes, after a while, a process that is akin to shortlisting candidates for interviews. Sometimes we get minimal information “I’m Billy-Bob a singer-songwriter from Arkansaw, folks call me Bubba, I think you’ll like my music” and sometimes we get huge long press releases with photos, reviews, and lists of influences that … Continue reading Introducing >>> The Shamefaced Sparrows