Introducing >>> The Shamefaced Sparrows

Introducing...The Shamefaced Sparrows. Like most music blogs we get a lot of music submissions. Sifting through them becomes, after a while, a process that is akin to shortlisting candidates for interviews. Sometimes we get minimal information “I’m Billy-Bob a singer-songwriter from Arkansaw, folks call me Bubba, I think you’ll like my music” and sometimes we get huge long press releases with photos, reviews, and lists of influences that could fill a small book.

Like most, we become attuned to picking out words and phrases that might grab our interest or alternatively turn us right off – for example anything that we get in talking of remixes, house bangers, mash-ups, dancefloor fillers, electro pop, ambient noodling and similar is unlikely to meet our tastes. It doesn’t mean its crap, just that its not what we choose to listen to, music being after all, a pretty subjective topic.

If on the other hand we get something with (a) a band name we like, (b) a description that grabs our interest, and (c) a bit of humour then we are pretty likely to give it a chance. The point of this preamble is to introduce a band who got it right on all three counts with us, and then even better more than delivered on the music front.

The band in question is a duo called Shamefaced Sparrows. It is, to MM’s mind a brilliant name for a band. They sum their music up as “death pop”, which we like the sound of…a lot. They go on to say that they combine the savage sonics of Link Wray with the melodic guile of the French Ye-Ye girls. If that sounds like a fanciful notion; consider the dynamics of both: youthful, exuberant, joyous, dangerous, daring and sexy.

Lastly, a bit of their back story: “Having recently fled our bone-‘n’-carcass-made nest in Shithole, East Midlands, we have fluttered and soared through increasingly glum and greying skylines. With ascending eagerness and hope, we scoured the grim landscape, determined to espy a never-fading, ever-blooming Eden. 
We found Hackney.   
Still, what can you do?

They sent us three demos to listen to – our hopes were already high. And like an occasionally rabid hybrid of Two Wounded Birds, The Cramps and Tony Bennett they deliver in spades. If we had a record label, we would want the Shamefaced Sparrows as our first signing.

Have a listen. Save the name in your Google Alerts. Wait for a ‘proper’ release. The Mackerel’s fins are crossed for the Sparrows…




8 thoughts on “Introducing >>> The Shamefaced Sparrows

    1. Good tracks yes, but I don’t think you can compare to velvet underground if thats what you meant, the music maybe but lyrically i would say Pete Doherty in the sense that the songs seem to be telling a story in a witty sort of way. I am a big fan of Doherty, but this is songwriting that eclipses even him and i have only heard three tracks. Brilliant.

      1. The lyrics remind me of Lou Reed though. I said undersurf because it reminds me of velvets in a pop sense, it’s not typical surf in song structure. They are pop songs and it is surf guitar.
        The thing is: I heard a great Vaccines song, bought the album, was dissapointed. I heard a good track by the band Howler, I heard a few more and was dissapointed. I liked a Tribes song, bought the album and was deeply dissapointed. Can you see a pattern here? I am left dissapointed by so many bands with a couple of great tracks. I hope to hear more Sparrows. Please.

    1. I don’t think it sounds like the strokes to be honest, more Libertines, which i prefer. Fantastic songwriting eclipsing even Doherty for me. Brilliant stuff.

      1. I didnt mean it ‘sounds’ like the strokes, I meant the feeling, the buzz and the excitement of hearing them.

  1. Good songs yes but don’t you think you’re jumping the gun a little? ”eclipse Pete Doherty”.
    You cannot compare Pete’s body of work with three songs. Let’s hear a of couple albums first.
    I am not trying to bring it down, I like the songs a lot. I am just saying you cannot compare any new band with a few songs to a seminal artist. Hoping to hear more though. And that is my two cents.

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