More “Deathpop” From The Shamefaced Sparrows

More deathpop from the Shamefaced Sparrows.

Back in February we gave a warm welcome to the brilliantly named Shamefaced Sparrows and their own particular brand of ‘deathpop’. After too big a gap, they have thankfully got back in touch to say “…and now that we have emerged from our makeshift den, built amid an unmapped, tree-ringed field, that time has come.,..mop your brow with relief, pour yourself a stiff iced-drink, have your secretary fetch for you your finest cigar and enjoy Apple Tragedy and Ride That Seastorm! by the shamefaced sparrows..

Well, who were we to argue. If only we actually had a secretary and smoked cigars. No matter, the stiff iced-drink was a given, and so was the quality of these two tunes plus Murder In The Dollhouse.

Like the Velvets fronted by Dick Dale, or the Beach Boys cage fighting with the Kinks these are crackling with surf-pop vintage – think cruising rain-slicked neon streets in 50s LA!  Enjoy!




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