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Von Haze play a dark-tinged, sultry psychedelia that has echoes of the goth giants of yesteryear such as The Cure, but also has its feet planted firmly in the current, also calling to mind indie darlings such as XX.

Swirling, gloomy synths, staccato drum beats and minimal downbeat vocals are all married together to create an atmosphere of foreboding and drug-induced fatalism. Rather like the soundtrack to an Italian horror flick from the early 70s, you know it isn’t going to end well for someone!

Their debut self-titled EP was released last week on Hippos In Tanks. The write-up mentions crows pecking on a corpse which just about sums it up. Sad Girls is a more upbeat offering from the EP, but no less desolate in message with a surprising John Lydon-esque vocal in places.

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Download Von Haze – Sad Girls mp3 (from Von Haze EP)