Mad Mackerel Recommends…Tweak Bird

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Alternative, Blues, Metal, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

We first heard this single on Radio 6 a few weeks ago and were completely blown away by the brilliant mix of full-on old-school metal riffing and its psychedelic overtones and climax. We made an immediate note to self to track this song down at all costs.

The band is Tweak Bird, brothers Caleb (guitar, vocals) and Ashton Bird (drums, vocals), natives of Carbondale, IL who performed together, on and off through the years before relocating to Los Angeles in the mid-’00s. The song, A Sun/Ahh Ahh, is from their forthcoming debut album due later this year. They have previously released EPs called Reservations in 2008, and 2007s Bigbonesnakebite (the latter is available on eMusic here).

Having got our copy of the single, we have discovered it has since been given away elsewhere as a freebie, so we couldn’t waste the opportunity to put it up here for your listening pleasure too.

If you like Tame Impala, Pontiak, classic 70s metal, stoner rock, or 90s shoegaze you’ll find elements of all in this absolutely cracking song. And as a bonus, try a track from that 2008 Reservations EP too.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Tweak Bird – A Sun Ahh Ahh mp3 (from A Sun Ahh Ahh 7”)

Download Tweak Bird – Whorses mp3 (from Reservations EP)


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