Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

After a brief foray in MM’s territory, recommending Kurran & The Wolfnotes’ Your Four Limbs, and enjoying HUGELY the Pancake Breakfast track, The Ballad of Maynard Noe (and let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a pancake breakfast?), it’s back to Friday business.

For some unfathomable reason, I was thinking about Level 42 this week (in my defence, only once and rather briefly). It could have been to do with the quiz MM and I were putting together for tonight, in downtown Charlbury. Decades ago, when young and foolish, I harboured a schoolgirl crush for possibly most of my teenage years on a young man, whom for this blog’s purpose, I’ll call Sam.

The years past, I ditched my ultra tomboy look, discovered some lippy, and at last he noticed me. In fact, I managed to snog him one NY’s eve. Yippee, I thought. More like bollocks: he referred to Level 42 in hushed tones – even referring to them as “The Level”. And that was it. Killed it. Dead in the water. Sam no more.

Moral of this week’s story? Never date someone who has incompatible music tastes with your own. Better still, find someone who actually has some taste. I’m a lucky fish.

Second question I asked MM when we met? What football team do you support …

Mrs M

No this isn’t leading to a track by Mark King and co, but to a Low Happening by the Howling Bells. Ha ha!

Download Howling Bells – Low Happening mp3 (from Howling Bells)

Download Kurran & The Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs mp3 (from Your Four Limbs 7″)

Download Pancake Breakfast – The Ballad Of Maynard Noe mp3 (from Pancake Breakfast)

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