Mad Mackerel Recommends…Paleo

Yesterday Partisan Records released the latest full-length effort from Paleo entitled A View Of The Sky, available in CD, LP, Ltd. Edition Color Vinyl and Digital Download formats.

Paleo has been traveling the country for the last 6 years. Booking his own shows, he has been playing roughly 150 dates a year while living out of his car and staying with people kind enough to share a couch, a bed, and some breakfast. Homeless and at home, he seems to have found a refuge within his songs as a prolific lyricist and writer. He recorded a song every day for 365 days as a discipline in songwriting he called “The Song Diary”.

On his newest record, A View Of The Sky, the music mines depths beyond the traditional. Song after song calls on the spirits of Guthrie, Kerouac and other hipsters of old and simply and easily transports the listener through melodic landscapes unique, immediate, emotive, playful, and filled with longing.

Profound, enlightening, and memorable, A View Of The Sky is an unexpected delight and an unexpected treasure.

Visit his MySpace here.

Download Paleo – The King James Fakebook mp3 (from A View Of The Sky)

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