Mad Mackerel’s 2010 Top Ten Series: No 1, Polly Pocket

Here at MM we share, chat, argue, bury and praise music on a pretty regular basis…like daily. So throughout the year, the Mackerel crew (Mrs Mackerel, Barry-Sean, Christy-Popper, Dr Roddy, Polly Pocket, Starbar, MM and others) keep their own ever-changing top tens ready for publication at the climax of the festive season.

This year, to start the ball rolling we have, the already much missed Polly Pocket’s entry. At least she’ll remain a MM contributor if nothing else.

10. Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Snob

Words from the wise.  Lyrical genius.


9. Kurran and the Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs (download here)

Everytime I listen to this I hear something different. Brilliant tune, love the words.


8. Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

Pop song of the year.  Does exactly what it should – belting tune, sounding best turned up loud whilst singing along.


7. Warpaint – Undertow

Reminds me of being 15 and somewhat disappointed with the world.  Fab. Listen here:


6. The XX – VCR

If I was in a band I would want to sound just like this!


5. Blitzen Trapper – The Man Who Would Speak True

A late entry for me, but my top ten is all the richer for it. Listen here.


4. Josh Ritter – The Curse

Haunting piano, all nostalgic and laid back. (Watch the brilliant puppeteering video)


3. Local Natives – Airplanes (download here)

Brilliant song. Heartbreaking lyrics.  Listen here:


2. Bear Bones – Oil and Lacquer (Download here)

Perfect winter song.  I shut my eyes and am sitting in a comfy chair in a country pub with an open fire, good friends and a cracking pint of ale.  “If I’m getting old then I hope that you’re coming with me” and I really do.


1. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

This hit the number one spot months ago and has stayed there ever since.  A truly great tune.

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