Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (17th December)

The old day job has provided less joy than usual recently, and it was with much sadness that we waved goodbye to the lovely Polly Pocket this week. The occasion was marked by a visit to the local farm café. It was a shame the red-faced old buzzard was circling but next to the organic turkeys, you’d barely notice the difference. In skin tone and intelligence anyway.

Speaking of creatures, there’s nothing I like to see more than a person dressed up as a giant furry animal. The critical success factor being that it’s played straight. An early Christmas bonus was offered this week in the shape of a white werewolf, looking bored and annoyed, hanging out with the other street artists on the South Bank in London. If you look closely at the photo you will see that he really has lost the crowd to the performer situated behind him. In fact, only my brother and I stopped in high amusement, put some money in his box, and walked on. Apparently, MM says this makes me a ‘furrvert’; I think he made that up.

Anyway, I’ve been searching for a tenuous reason to justify posting the image. His fur is white which at least makes him festive. A bit.

Jingle bells, top ten time is nearly here.

Mrs Mackerel

Well, where do you think I’m going with this … download Furr by Blitzen Trapper, a long-time Mad Mackerel fave. This is a fine, fine song.

Download Blitzen Trapper – Furr mp3 (from Furr)

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