Introducing…The Coasts

Introducing...The Coasts. The Coasts are Eric Mount and Ike Peters. The two met as freshman in college, became best friends, played music together just once, and laid down a rock n’ roll album shortly thereafter.

The Coasts are just effortlessly fun, as if The Black Keys and Elvis Costello conceived an uncombed lovechild. The first track off their self-titled release, Poltergeist is a infectious, rolling pop song about moving into a haunted house. The thing is, you’re never quite sure if they’re celebrating or lamenting the fact that they live with ghosts because it’s just that catchy.We have Handshakers, a quirky anthem that’s equal parts gritty rockabilly and punching pop. A portion of the record sales for The Coasts will go towards the Hope For Haiti’s Children Foundation.

Download The Coasts – Handshakers mp3 (from The Coasts)

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