The Salesman & MC5’s Wayne Kramer – Daytrotter Session

The Salesman & Wayne Kramer of MC5's Daytrotter Session. A while back we posted about a wonderful 7″ single by a band called Salesman. Devin James Fry of the band has been back in touch to tell us about a recent Daytrotter session with the legendary Wayne Kramer of MC5. More importantly it also concerns a brilliant charity Jail Guitar Doors which our own bard of Barking, Billy Bragg has been heavily involved in setting up, and which of course has connections with our favourite band ever…The Clash who, to complete the circle, mention Wayne in their song of the same name.

It is perhaps best to use Devin’s own words to explain, “I reached out to Wayne last spring about throwing a benefit for his charity Jail Guitar Doors. Their mission is to put instruments into the hands of prisoners, encouraging music as a rehabilitative outlet. The fact being that over 95% of all people incarcerated will one day go free, and this country’s flawed prison system does all it can to produce citizens without passion, meaning, or creativity in their lives. These people will be our neighbors someday. Jail Guitar Doors gives them music and shows them another way.

I’m passionate about this cause because of where I grew up. Canon City, CO and its neighbor Florence are home to thirteen federal, state, and local prisons including a SuperMax facility, one of the most abhorrent means of reducing personal freedoms this country has devised. In a prison town you see people on both sides of the bars ruined — people I grew up with are guards and wardens now, and it’s ruined some of their lives, marked them with cruelty and withered their innate compassion. Those incarcerated are even worse off. The entire system is dehumanizing and destructive.

Wayne’s stature and skill as a guitarist makes him a legend, but his passionate humanity makes him my hero.

Please keep this meaning in mind while listening to us do what we love to do. We had a lot of fun together that day.

You can sign up to Daytrotter for a paltry $2 per month to access this and many other great sessions. You can find out more about Jail Guitar Doors here.

Download Salesman (featuring Wayne Kramer) – Loving Dead mp3 (Daytrotter Session)

And the b-side to that single we mentioned…

Download Salesman – So Much Faster mp3 (from Red Wine Jug Lover 7″)

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