Video Round Up

Here are a few more videos that we’ve enjoyed recently.

First up is a welcome return for Goldheart Assembly and a song called Linnaeus that comes from their second album due out in spring next year.

Also keeping it pretty mellow is Kathleen Edwards with the video for her forthcoming single, Change The Sheets.


The Inspired And The Sleep offer up some sunburnt lo-fi pop in the shape of While We’re Young.


By contrast, Does Anybody Care About Us? is the brand new single from The King Blues, taken from their critically acclaimed 2011 album, Punk & Poetry. A clear statement of intent as always, and shot on a frosty Manchester morning, the band invited fans to become a part of the video, playing the subjects that are uncompromisingly thrown on to a pile of those left behind by recent heavy-handed coalition government policy.


Lost is a dreamy, psychedelic, dark shoegaze track from Depth & Current’s self-titled debut full-length. The video was captured by lead singer Chris Harris and his wife, Krystal Bilon, on a recent trip to Galapagos and features footage of beautiful fish, penguins, sea lions, and sea turtles.


We posted quite recently about Little Comets and this is an intimate, live version of Worry, the title track of their forthcoming EP, which is out today.


Similarly we posted about New York City farm band 2/3 Goat recently as well. This is the video for Stream Of Conscience which directly address their opposition to mountaintop removal coal mining, a cause close to their hearts.


The Slants mix 80s influenced synth-pop with the swagger and attitude of 70s punk to good effect. This is the video for You Make Me Alive, which comes from the bands second album, Pageantry.


Last week we posted Waters cover of Nirvana’s Stay Away and this is their video for Back To You from this year’s debut Out In The Light.


The piano led Black Tables is probably our favourite track from Other Lives self titled album released in 2009. This new independently made video by Harrison Sanborn really captures the essence of the song.


Download Other Lives – Black Tables mp3 (from Other Lives)

And here is the “uncensored” video for Deer Tick’s Main Street, one of many stand out tracks on latest rock ‘n’ rolling album Divine Providence.


Download Deer Tick – Main Street mp3 (from Divine Providence)

And finally Hey Geronimo’s catchy indie rock has notched up more than 650,000 hits for their video Why Don’t We Do Something? featuring iPhone games reproduced in ‘real life’ and is also nominated for Aussie Channel V’s Ripe Clip Of The Week. If you like it head over to their Facebook page here and click like and give them a chance of winning.


You can also download the song for free here:


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