New Compilation From Alive Naturalsound

New Compilation from Alive Naturalsound. Where Is Parker Griggs? is a collection of songs from the excellent Alive Naturalsound label, with exclusive tracks from artists such as Hacienda,Buffalo Killers, Black Diamond Heavies, Radio Moscow and more.

Over the past three years it has undoubtedly become one of our favourite labels and we have posted many times about the bands on their roster including Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Gardens and White Noise Sound. Founded by Patrick Boissel 17 years ago the label specialises in garage rock, psych, punk, deep blues and Tejas garage-soul and were the first label to sign The Black Keys and Two GallantsWhere Is Parker Griggs? is an impressive overview of some of the new blood currently pumping through Alive and also features an early preview from Alive’s latest signing, the rootsy psyouthern soul of Birmingham, Alabama rock quartet Lee Bains & The Glory Fires, whose full-length debut lands April 2012.

The compilation was officially released yesterday in limited edition vinyl and digital download, the latter which also features two additional bonus tracks from Left Lane Cruiser and The Bloody Hollies. Order it here.

BTW – Parker Griggs is the explosive front man of Radio Moscow.

Download Lee Bains & The Glory Fires – Everything That You Took mp3 (from Where Is Parker Griggs?)

Download Radio Moscow – The Stranger mp3 (from Where Is Parker Griggs?)

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