Thursday Means Six Of The Best

Thursday Means Six of the Best!

We’re currently away for a few days so apologies for the paucity of detail with this post, but here are six tunes that tip the scales on the noisy side for you to enjoy (and scare the cat with).

First up we have the full-on stoner onslaught of psych-rockers White Hills with a taste from forthcoming album Frying On This Rock and a perfect companion piece in the Ketamines fuzzed-up psych freakout of Kill Me Now from their new album Spaced Out.

Next up is the uncompromising riffage of Acid Head from current Kills and Jeff the Brotherhood touring mates, The Hunters, and we also have the garage jangle of Each Other and the b-side to their new single Traces To Nowhere.

Back across the water and home to London for punk 5-piece Zulu who are set for their debut release, Way Of The Zulu, on 5th March. The mini album will be available on limited cassette through Stroll On Records, but for now clear the cobwebs with the brilliant tribal rumble of Sistine Chapel. Finally Batwings Catwings have made the urgent, new wave inspired Early Exit b-side to recent single Radio available for free.

Download White Hills – Pads Of Light mp3 (from Frying On This Rock)

Download Ketamines – Kill Me Now mp3 (from Spaced Out)

Download The Hunters – Acid Head mp3 (from )

Download Each Other – Sit Still mp3 (from Taking Trips EP)

Download Zulu – Sistine Chapel mp3 (from Wa Of The Zulu)

Download Batwings Catwings – Early Exit mp3 (from Radio 7″)

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