Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday – on Sunday (18th March)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday - On Sunday (18th March).

Got myself in a bit of a curry on Friday, a little bit jaded on Saturday, and bit of a day of indulgence today, it being Mothering Sunday and all that.

It’s been a funny old week. Big Sair and I laughed our way around Southampton in an attempt to locate Laura Marling. Unfortunately, we managed to miss Timber Timbre in support as I realised I have met my match in the aerial spatial awareness and map reading stakes. Yep, we’re both shite.

Still, Laura was marvellous, with full band in accompaniment, if a little distant from the balcony. Such an old soul in such a young body. And despite spawning five children between the two of us, our bladders were clearly more robust than the various men in the near vicinity. This did of course cause us to laugh loudly even more. Tie a knot in it.

Here’s to those Thelma and Louise moments.

Mrs Mackerel x

Now here’s a song, a Sunday night harmony: Alela Diane’s Crying Wolf.

And one from Kiwi Dave Baxter as Avalanche City, The Silence.

Download Alela Diane featuring Alina Hardin – Crying Wolf mp3 (from Alela & Alina)

Download Avalanche City – The Silence mp3 (from Our New Life Above The Ground)

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