Wednesday Means Eight More Of The Best

Wednesday Means Eight More of the Best!It is time for us to offer up eight more new songs for your listening pleasure.

We have a Madonna cover from Magic Wands, and a Nirvana cover from Dive. We have tracks from garage rockers Black Lips, garage-pop from The Creepy Crawlies and some fuzzy indie jangle from The Memories. Tiger High keep up the overriding theme of the day with some truly excellent garage-psych and to change pace we have two tastes of Sweden’s music scene with some gorgeous and haunting folk from Anna Ternheim and some hypnotic indie pop from Josefina Sanner – this is the first single from her forthcoming first international release.

Download Magic Wands – Burning Up mp3 (Madonna Cover)

Download Dive – Bambi Slaughter mp3 (from Oshin)

Download The Black Lips – Dance With You mp3 (from Sick Of You)

Download The Memories – Softly mp3 (from The Memories)

Download The Creepy Crawlies – Mollie The Maggot Part II mp3 (from Get Buried!)

Download Tiger High – Don’t Want To See You Till You Go mp3 (from Myth Is This)

Download Anna Ternheim – The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss) mp3 (from The Night Visitor)

Download Josefina Sanner – Don’t Stop mp3 (from Don’t Stop)

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