Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (27th April)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (27th April). More trains this week, but this time I’m on one. The 12.06 from Oxford to be precise, wending it’s way slowly northwards, leaving MM in charge of the home fixtures. I’ll be stopping off at Darlo to check in with Harry, before docking in the land of MON to see my Ma. It’s a bit packed underneath my wing at the moment.

It might be Friday, but the cat seems to have gotten my tongue, or has a weasel stolen my words? They’ve gone somewhere looking for some light relief, anyway.

Mrs Mackerel x

A new ditty from Crybaby, is getting a bit of play on Radio 6 at the moment. To my fishy ears, it’s somewhere between Richard Hawley and James Levy, giving When the Lights Go Out much to recommend a listen.

And in stark folky contrast, here’s a bit of The Staves. Come Tuesday, Big Sair and I will be hot-footing to see the gals in action. Hopefully this time we might (a) find the venue in good time (b) not get done for speeding (c) not be anywhere near middle aged men with continence issues. Fingers crossed.



Watch Crybaby’s When The Lights Go Out.


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