Zachary Cale Is Back

Zachary Cale Is Back. A little over a year ago we posted about Louisiana singer-songwriter Zachary Cale.

Back then we said “His voice draws you in, it is inviting and hypnotic and works beautifully with the gentle folk accompaniment as he strums away in true troubadour style. They are reflective, poignant and emotive and he has that rare talent of being able to make you forget what else is going on around you and immerse yourself fully in the world he creates – superb.

The good news then is that he is back with some new music and a trip to these shores to play at the marvellous End of the Road festival as well as a couple of other dates in London at the Wilmington Arms on 30th August and the Brixton Windmill on 9th September.

He has a new single out called Love Everlasting which is part of an ongoing songwriter 7″ series. He told us, “Since it’s a single I thought I’d go for a more dynamic pop sound on this release, with an emphasis on the “rock” in folk rock. I think I must have been jamming a lot of Nick Lowe and Tom Petty records!

It is another superb offering and we’ve had it on repeat since first hearing it. You can download via the soundcloud link and order the 7″ from Dull Knife Records here.


He has also recently taken part in a collaborative recording project with Brooklyn dream folk band Mighty Moon and Ethan Schmid. It was recorded at Black Dirt Studio as part of the house engineers Natch Music series. It features four songs all readily available from the Free Music Archive here.

This is the video for the outstanding Love In Vain from that session.


Download Zachary Cale, Mighty Moon and Ethan Schmid – Love In Vain mp3 (from Natch Music Series)

It is good to have Mr Cale back on the radar, and he’s plenty busy too so lots of good stuff for your ears and eyes – be sure to catch him live when he’s over here.

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