New Album From D.B. Rouse

New Album From D.B. Rouse.

Ex Goat farmer, salmon packer, and pawn shop cashier D.B. Rouse has crossed the MM radar a few times in the past. For as well as all those things, he is a roaming, itinerant troubadour of the old-school, and of the best kind. Like another MM fave Wooden Wand, he also appears to have the rare ability to maintain quality whilst producing an output that would shame most musicians.

The latest release is an eight track album titled The Good Land and he describes it as “a kind of upbeat and dark thing that I threw myself into in Milwaukee, Wisconsin“. For the curious out there, the name Milwaukee finds its origins in the Potawatomi language, and roughly translates to ‘the good land‘.

So what’s not to like about that?

Try a couple of tracks below, or just go and get the whole of The Good Land for free from his Bandcamp page here.

Download D.B. Rouse – Never Home Again mp3 (from The Good Land)

Download D.B. Rouse – Saint In Penitentary mp3 (from The Good Land)

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