Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (31st August)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (31st August).

I’m melting.

Well I was until earlier today. After one week in the hottest Canarian August in 23 years, my quintessentially English temperature gauge and complexion were pining for a bit of cloud control and a drop in temperature. It was, as I thought, a week spent in whatever shade I could find, book in one hand, Mr Sangria in the other. Large hat and fifties style swimsuit notwithstanding, I have managed (albeit unintentionally, but alas unavoidably) to turn – in the words of HP –  “a shade of beige”.

And despite the heat, I did find several things to amuse me, one of which dear reader I share with you tonight: the “don’t let your dog poo here” sign a la Los Cristianos (see above), where the poor mutt appears to be excreting a tripod. It’s the little things.

So it’s back to normal life this week and welcome to wistful September, one of my favourite months. All change, new starts, looking forward.

Now the football season is underway, it’s also time to follow the gospel according to St Martin. You know it makes sense: convert before ye are damned!

Right, back to those Russians…

Mrs Mackerel x

Well, technically it’s now Saturday, but here’s some sunshine for your weekend sweetly sown, just how I like it.

Download Sparklehorse – Sunshine mp3 (from Good Morning Spider)

Download Felt – Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow mp3 (from Absolute Classic Masterpieces)

Download Sam Amidon – Walking On Sunshine mp3 (from BrooklynVegan Presents Sun Salute:  A Tribute To Katrina And The Waves For The 25th Anniversary Of “Walking on Sunshine”)

Download Kalle Mattson – Sunlight mp3 (from Anchors) (Buy or Download from here)

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