Guest Post: The High Priestess’s TFI Friday (28th September)

Mrs Mackerel has decided to take a short sabbatical and invite some friends, relatives and countrywomen to takeover her Friday night post, a Friday routine as regular in this household as a G&T with lime, or pizza Margherita for the sprats.

For week two, we hand over the reins to the High Priestess…

Guest Post: The High Priestess's TFI Friday (28th September).

After a rather merry dinner with friends (piscine and other) last weekend, which saw us on the sloe gin and sporting false moustaches, this week has been less cheery. I think I’ve got a nasty case of rising damp.

I know it sounds as if a visit to the Tena Lady shelf of the chemist might be in order, but there’s nothing wrong with my plumbing. It’s the weather. It has seeped into my bones. We seem to have skipped Autumn altogether and gone straight to Winter without passing Go. It’s dark and gloomy and cold and it hasn’t stopped raining for five days.

Actually, talking of waterworks, there is a leakage problem at The Temple. The boiler at St. Urt’s has gone on the blink, so we huddle round the gas fire in the evening and try to dry out. If that isn’t bad enough, I have been working all week on web copy for a tour company. Holidays in the sunshine. The stuff of summer dreams, while I have been wearing tights and an extra cardi.

There is still no sign of the plumber and the rain is set to continue indefinitely. Me’ cockles are in dire need of some warming. Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love. And hot water and working radiators.

With love,

From a chilly HP xx

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