Free Download From Wintersleep

MM Shorts 240: Wintersleep.

Wintersleep’s latest release Hello Hum has been one of those slow burning albums that rewards more with every listen and one we are beginning to think might just be seen as a classic in the future. There are some superb tracks of shimmering psych-tinged country rock (none more so than In Came The Flood) and if there is any justice it is certainly going to be featuring in lots of end-of-year ‘best ofs’.

So a treat to discover the band are making this brand new track, Martyr, available for free. According to the band, “Martyr didn’t really find a place into the sequence of the record for us. It’s a bit of a different vibe for us and just something that we feel proud of and that adds to the Hello Hum “experience” if that makes sense.

Guess what. It does. It is brilliant. Take our word for it and download it immediately. Then buy Hello Hum here.


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