Debut Album From Hookworms

New Album From Hookworms

The magnificently named Hookworms will release their debut album Pearl Mystic on 4th March.

Doubtless, if they were based in Austin, Texas they would be being lauded in the same way as some of the very best of the heavier psych-rock bands like The Black Angels, Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo and the like. Instead they are from Leeds, but no matter, this promises to be a thunderous record that hopefully will get them the wider exposure they deserve.

Subverting their powerfully hypnotic approach with a punkish nihilism, the album mixes a build and release energy with slower mantras that churn and boil with a barely concealed menace. There are dark things afoot on Pearl Mystic and while the wild motorik and thick slabs of noise threaten to spill over at times, this five-piece are brilliantly and thrillingly in complete control at all times.

Listen to In Our Time below. Pre-order the album from Gringo Records here.

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